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Course Details


The IELTS Crash course is a online ONE HOUR coaching for those who wants to know about IELTS and also wants some last minute tips on IELTS test.

The Course is conducted online through skypecall or any other video call. The student must pay and fill up the registration form to book a slot for the coaching test. Following are the contents of the course:

  1. Introduction to each other: 5 minutes
  2. Discussing IELTS: 45 Minutes
    1. Test Types
    2. Decide on which type is applicable for the student
    3. Test formats
    4. Test scores/bands
    5. Test Modules
    6. Exam Tips
    7. Providing some handouts on test assessment criterions
    8. Show some speaking and writing examples
  3. Question and Answer Session

 If you are interested then please follow the following steps:

  1. Make a payment through following options:
    1. Paypal : Send money to paypal id :
    2. Visa/Master card or bKash:  pay online here
    3. Flexiload (postpaid) at 01713081054
  2. Fill up the registration form here
  3. Once we receive your registration form with payment details, we shall call back you and confirm the appointment.
  4. You must have a skype id for enrolling in the course. We shall run the course through Skype. You can also request for ‘Over the Phone’ course conduction

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